Free Thermal Imaging With Every Home Inspection

All of our inspections include a free thermal imaging scan to check walls, ceilings, and appliances for thermal anomalies. Thermal imaging cameras use the infrared light spectrum to build a picture based on temperature differentials. All Gravel Creek Inspectors are experienced and nationally trained thermographers who look for clues in these thermal images that could lead us to otherwise-concealed moisture control problems or missing air or thermal barriers.

Thermal imaging has many limitations and does not give our inspectors X-ray Vision.

Relevant thermal images will be included in your report.

Sewer Scopes

The sewer scope will let you know the condition of the main lateral from the most accessible clean-out point to the city’s main or septic tank. We use state-of-the-art sewer scope equipment to determine the type of pipe and its condition. Having a sewer scope completed can save you thousands of dollars worth of repairs. We will inspect for obsolete pipes, cracks, offsets, bellies, deformities, roots, or debris blocking the pipe A sewer scope isn’t just for old homes. We find broken and sagging pipes in new construction also. If you have built a new home we suggest having a sewer scope performed before the end of your warranty period.


Wood Destroying Organisms (Termites)

We can schedule a termite inspection with a subsidiary termite inspection company to be completed during the home inspection. This scheduling service saves you precious time and is one less item that you must do during the hectic process of buying a home.

Termite damage costs homeowners multi-billions of dollars every year. Early detection is critical.


Pre-listing Inspections

Our Pre-Listing Inspections are of the same quality as our buyer’s inspection.  The benefits of a Pre-Listing inspection are:

  • You can command a higher price

    • It gives you time to make repairs or adjust the selling price, which then prevents the buyer from negotiating a lower price.

  • Can shorten the escrow period and smooths the close

    • Prevents the sale of the home from dragging out and you are able to move more quickly.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

Just like a regular inspection but scaled down, we will look for typical maintenance issues. We have developed a 100-point plus inspection checklist. Once you receive the report you may complete the repairs yourself or give it to your favorite handyman to complete.


Pet Friendly

We are pet friendly and will treat your pets like our own. However, we do ask that any aggressive or territorial animals are kennels or removed from the property during the inspection

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